Will my files work?

Send them to us:

  • .EPS, .AI, .PDF, .PSD or .ZIP files - Click HERE, or CD-R/RW (US Mail) 


Guidelines for Logo / Artwork files:

  • EPS-enhanced post script – .eps – the file should be a “native” EPS file (a.k.a. – Vector artwork) – this type of file is always preferred
  • Adobe Illustrator – .AI – if you’ve used Photoshop, great, just Save the file as an Illustrator file and we’ll be all set
  • Adobe PDF – this type of file works great if the original work was done in Photoshop, Illustrator or some other program that enabled saving to a .pdf file
  • All fonts should be converted to paths (outlines).  Embedded fonts cannot be retained unless you send us the specific font file too!
  • Placed or imported images should either be embedded or included separately


File Formats (at least 300 dpi):

  • Vector art - EPS – encapsulated post script (.eps)
  • Adobe Illustrator - please convert all fonts to paths (ai.)
  • Adobe Photoshop - please leave in layers (.psd)
  • Adobe Acrobat - PDF (.pdf)


NOTE:  JPG, GIF, TIF & BMP file formats can typically only be used for reference purposes, they (usually) cannot be used for printing graphics.  Some high resolution JPG, TIF, or BMP files can be usable, but the file size is critical – please verify the size and type with us before sending.